Donations ensure the growth and success of 34 Ways Foundation. Financial donations, provided by
small businesses, organizations, and corporations, allow the Foundation to develop programs and
activities for youth in various communities.

To become a financial contributor, contact McInnis McKenzie at

To sponsor one of our programs or events, please contact Rachel Mckenzie at or Carol Murphy at

P.O. Box 693792
Miami, FL 33269
(305) 625 – 2478

Please make all checks payable to 34 Ways Foundation.

*All donations made to 34 Ways Foundation are tax deductible.
Tax ID #: 20 – 1351160

Click here to meet McInnis McKenzie, Executive Director of Finance contact McInnis McKenzie at or

P.O. Box 308
Metairie, La. 70004
225 439-5574

The 34 Ways Foundation is a proud member of the Adventura Marketing Council.